About me

        Like many working mothers, cooking is not my favourite thing (not like brown-paper-packages wrapped up in string--that's for sure!) However, I also have standards. Yes, they may be the result of a recent fascination with the Food Network, that begging-for-Botox chef Gordon Ramsay, and that lisping Brit Jamie Oliver, but they are standards nonetheless.
       These standards have had me yelling "It's FROZEN! Take it back!" to undeserving wait staff at Swiss Chalet. But they have also inspired in me a desire to cook. It's intermittent, I'll admit. More like a recreational activity than a necessity at this point. Do I love to cook? Not really. Do I find it relaxing to "get down" in the kitchen after a full day at work? Certainly not! But I do love to express myself artistically--whether it's through getting half a dozen or more piercings, writing short fiction and poetry, OR cooking.
So when I have the energy, the time, (the clean kitchen!), I absolutely love to take on Ramsay, Michael Smith, Jamie Oliver, et al! And if I find a recipe I love, I swear to repeat it for company....unfortunately, I usually break my promise and company become my guinea pigs. If I'm successful in a new recipe, I'm ecstatic, but I immediately want to move on to the next challenge.
With that in mind, I hope you don't mind following my wild, sporadic, exotic, and exciting cooking adventures! I promise I'll never post any recipes except those that have been successful!

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